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welcome to Muttlys club. it's lot's of fun

the shops on this forum are on the game and you can buy stuff here and it will be in the invetory
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all what members can do

Post by Sammy: Admin on Fri May 29, 2009 12:09 pm

Get a badge the key to Everything(of these following)
Get a perfect tree-house
Upgrade your tree-house to anything
Put your tree-house on the map
Unlock the dancing action
Unlock the jump action
Upgrade games with stuff on your monkey
Get more coins on games
Explore a new place called the football stand
Get a baby monkey for 900 coins
play with and care up to 17 baby monkeys!
Take baby monkeys with you on games
Get baby monkey items
go to a member place every party(or major parties)
Extra space just for you on servers(if you are a member)
Buy member items
Have up to 500 buddies rather then 100
Throw a party in your tree-house
Chat with your microphone(Coming soon)

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Sammy: Admin

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